We run many classes throughout the week. You can work on one area of performance or a combination of them all, for recreational or examination purposes. We offer a free trial in all our classes which are held seven days a week at our main Barnet premises, and on a Saturdaymorning in Enfield. Some classes are split by age, others ability. Please contact a member of our team so we can find the best class for you.

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Performing Arts Training

Many of our students aged four to nineteen years attend our performing arts courses offering them a weekly opportunity to participate in a variety of classes. Throughout the year our students gain in confidence and ability, improving both their social and performance skills. The classes are geared towards an all round training and regular opportunities to perform a whole range of styles. We have STARter Courses for 4-6 years, Weekend Courses for 7 years upwards, and our Thursday Advanced Performing Arts Course for 15-19 years.

Acting Training

Our classes offer younger students the opportunity to develop their confidence, imagination, and ability as an actor through warm up games, improvisation, script work and a regular opportunity to perform. Our young people aged 13 - 19 years become a part of our innovative new repertory company offering experiential acting training; learning through the experience of working as an actor. We also provide Trinity Acting classes for those wanting to undertake examinations.

Dance Training

For our ballet classes we follow the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus, and for Tap and Modern the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance examining board. We also offer classes in Street Dance. Throughout our school productions contain many styles of dance, including contemporary. Dance classes are great for fun and fitness, they enhance students co-ordination, movement and rhythm, and improve their confidence, technique and choreography skills.

Singing Training

Our singing classes are designed to build vocal confidence and enable participmants to pitch their voices accurately, harmonise and sing songs with freedom and expression. A variety of techniques are covered throughout each term. We also offer examinations through the Trinity syllabus for more accomplished students, encouraging musical enjoyment through achievement.

Musical Theatre Training

We hold classes offering an all round training in musical theatre, working towards examinations offering a wide scope in choice of material and allowing for the development of valuable interactive theatre skills. At all levels groups perform from memory and demonstrate ability in the skills of acting, singing and choreographed movement. recognised in the industry and by Colleges and Universities. Musical Theatre is also the foundation of our performing arts courses, and we offer mnany opportunities to participate in the performance of musicals.
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